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Pacific Dental Conference
William F. Slagle Dental Meeting
Suffolk County Dental Society

Charleston Study Club
Chicago Midwinter Meeting
First District Dental Society
Jersey Coast Dental Forum
Stark Collaborative Dental Hygiene Association

Tri County Dental Society
Orange County Dental Hygienists' Society
Greater Danbury Dental Society
Greater Detroit Dental Hygiene Association


North Carolina Dental Hygiene Association - Coastal Component
Concord Dental Seminars – Raleigh, NC
Concord Dental Seminars – Rockford, IL
Concord Dental Seminars – Northbrook, IL
Concord Dental Seminars – Danvers, MA
Concord Dental Seminars – Providence, RI
Concord Dental Seminars – Windsor Locks, CT
San Fernando Valley Dental Association
Concord Dental Seminars - Hagerstown, MD
Concord Dental Seminars - Falls Church, VA

Florida Dental Hygiene Association
IQ Dental Forum
Pennsylvania Dental Association
Third District Dental Society
Vermont State Dental Society

RDH Under One Roof
IFDH Symposium

Academy of General Dentistry Annual Session
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Texas Oral Health Conference

Gulf Coast Dental Conference
Maryland Center for Oral Surgery
Colorado Dental Association
Luv My Orthodontist
IQ Dental Forum
ADHA Annual Session

JCDF Hygiene Extravaganza
Michigan Dental Association
New Jersey Dental Association
Pacific Coast Study Club
Periodontal Associates
Bergen Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
NJ Academy of General Dentistry
Advanced Dental Seminars
South Dakota Dental Association
JDIQ Quebec
Denver Hygiene Study Club

District of Columbia Dental Society
Northern Kentucky Dental Society
Cincinnati Dental Society
University of Louisiana – School of Dental Medicine
Somerset Study Club
Spokane District Dental Society – Inland Northwest Dental Conference
Minnesota Dental Association – Star of the North Dental Meeting

Concord Dental Seminars - Cleveland, OH
Concord Dental Seminars - Youngstown, OH
Fairfield County Dental Study Club
Harcum College Dental Expo
Joseph Ferraioli Memorial Lecture
Larton Springfield Oral Surgery
Loma Linda University
Maryland Dental Hygienists' Association
Michigan Dental Seminars
Mid Hudson Dental Hygienists' Association
New York County Dental Society
Oral Surgery and Implant Associates
Richmond County Dental Society
Thomas Hinman Dental Meeting
Union County Dental Society
University of Pittsburgh
Virginia Dental Hygienists' Association

Bergen County Dental Society
Chicago Midwinter Meeting
Concord Dental Seminars - Davenport, IA
Continuing Education for Dental Excellence
Jersey Coast Dental Forum
Old Dominion University Winter Weekend
Star of the South Dental Meeting
West Virginia Dental Hygienists' Association

Concord Dental Seminars - Orlando, FL
Concord Dental Seminars - Tampa, FL
Concord Dental Seminars - Ft. Myers, FL
Delaware Valley Study Club
Peninsula Dental Society
South Shore New Jersey Dental Hygiene Association
Tri-County Dental Society
University of Pittsburgh School of Dentistry
Wichita Dental Hygiene Association
Yankee Dental Congress




Academy of General Dentistry (multiple)
American Dental Hygienists Association (multiple)
Augusta University
Big Apple Dental Meeting (multiple)
California Dental Association (multiple)
Chicago Midwinter Meeting (multiple)
Greater Long Island Dental Meeting (multiple)
Greater New York Dental Meeting (multiple)
Hinman Dental Meeting (multiple)
Pennsylvania Dental Association (multiple)
Quebec Academy of General Dentistry
RDH Under One Roof (multiple)
Seattle Study Club Symposium & Individual Clubs Southwest Dental Conference
Star of the North Meeting
Star of the South Meeting
Texas Dental Association
Tufts University
University of Baltimore
University of Michigan
University of Pittsburgh
Western Regional Dental Experience
Yankee Dental Congress
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tom viola pharmacology declassified presentation
“So much practical information! So many, many laughs! You held my attention every second! I’m blown away!"M.B., Yankee Dental Congress
tom viola pharmacology declassified presentation
“This was by far the BEST presentation I’ve been to in 30 years of practice! I didn’t want it to end! Really!”R.L., Hinman Dental Meeting
tom viola speaking at a dental seminar