Could Your Thyroid Gland Be Affecting Your Oral Health?

Given the significance of a properly functioning thyroid gland to one’s overall health, it should come as no surprise that this unique organ has a distinctive effect on oral health.  But there is reason to believe that the thyroid gland may be even more important to a healthy mouth than previously thought.  Read on to learn what the latest research suggests.


The thyroid gland is exceptionally complex, and its proper function is vital to one’s health.  Amongst its many roles are regulating bodily functions including metabolisms, growth, and energy regulation1.  The three hormones produced by the thyroid are known as T3, T4, and Calcitonin, each of which is distributed through the bloodstream to encourage health and balance throughout the body.

New studies have demonstrated the correlation between poor hormone balance and certain tooth problems.  These issues can have compounding effects, making each condition worse.

Thyroid dysfunction has been linked to minor issues such as dry mouth, as well as serious issues such as tooth decay, trouble swallowing, and even periodontal disease2.  Conditions such as Gingivitis are particularly worrisome because there is additional evidence linking them to serious cardiovascular diseases as well.

Many professionals believe that a two-pronged approach is the best course of action – taking direct steps to improve oral healthcare under a dental professional’s guidance while striving to make gradual lifestyle improvements resulting in better thyroid regulation.  Focusing on only one aspect will slow down a patient’s chances of making a full recovery.

Above all, it is important to remember that oral health is an essential part of a functioning body and should be treated as such.  Health professionals are continually finding new ways of improving patients’ livelihoods through new discoveries and treatments.




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